Jacobo Varela 👨‍💻

Data Scientist
Building zero to one products in Reality Labs.
Data Analyst
  • Bring data closer to engineers, designers and business managers in the Rider and Delivery teams by building data sources and dashboards of the main metrics and KPIs.
  • Test hypotheses about the product by developing and monitoring experiments (A/B tests).
  • Carbon
    Data Scientist
  • Increased monthly loan disbursements by building machine-learning credit scorecards and income prediction models.
  • Accelerated the development of new scorecard models by re-building the loan offer engine from scratch (Python stack).
  • Reduced loan defaults by implementing pre-delinquency models and fraud prevention strategies using a customer graph db (Neo4j).
  • Improved visibility of customer behaviour by building a single customer view, together with an internal reporting dashboard to monitor loan disbursements.
  • Boosted customer engagement by (1) launching SMS marketing campaigns powered by A/B testing and (2) creating a new customer segmentation scheme based on lifetime value and activity, allowing Carbon to reward valuable customers with perks.
  • Ferrovial
    Market Intelligence Analyst at the Centre of Excellence for Cities (Smart Cities) at Ferrovial Services.
    My position involved tasks such as:
  • Identification and management of urban innovation information sources.
  • Selection and proposal of technologies to implement in ongoing contracts or pilots.
  • Development of the Innovative Solutions Catalogue and active participation in the selection and relationship with providers to compliment Ferrovial Services technological capabilities.
  • Analysis of information and draw conclusions according to the objectives of Market Intelligence areas to elaborate strategic documentation internally and externally (studies, market analysis, reports, news, events).
  • Active collaboration in events that position Ferrovial Services as a market leader in Smart Cities (Smart Cities Expo World Congress, South Summit, Smart Cities Congress, etc).